Our Educational Work

We are lifelong learners (simultaneously teachers and students), continuously searching for deeper meaning and richer understanding of our identity. We long to share this wisdom with others and to learn from them.

This fall:

LAF (Loaves And Fishes) – Our LAF program is held on Wednesday afternoon & evenings. Students in the 2nd – 5th grade attend LAF after school until 5:30. Children begin with some play activity, enjoy a healthy snack then participate in spirit time and other fun activities. At 5:30, families are invited to enjoy a meal together. At 6:00 our younger children, birth to 1st grade enjoy some play and spirit time. During that time, the 2nd thru 5th grade students have homework or quiet play in one of our rooms in the church. Our evening ends at 6:40. LAF is a wonderful mini-lesson to the following Sunday’s sermon.

BC (Before Confirmation) – BC is for 6th & 7th grade students. They meet on Wednesday evenings at 5:30 to enjoy the meal at LAF. Students help with the younger children for about 15 minutes, then from 6:15-7:00 they have spirit and play time. BC is a wonderful opportunity to explore their beliefs and discuss with their peers.

Confirmation I & II – 8th & 9th grade students who are preparing for Confirmation meet on Sunday evenings. They have a meal together, then have spirit time and discuss what it means to be members of a church family.

Bible Study – All are invited to meet on Sunday morning to discuss the Bible reading selected for the worship service. We believe that “God is still speaking” and speaks to us through the experience and insight each member of the group brings to the interpretation of scripture. We meet at 9:00 am in the Mayflower Room from Homecoming Sunday to the Sunday before Memorial Day, except for Easter Sunday and the Sundays between Christmas and New Year’s.

This summer:
Summer Faith Education School for Children  – Summer program for children to engage in stories and songs, food and fun, games and crafts, drama and dance, and laughter and loving. All children of the Vermillion and surrounding communities ages 3-12 are welcome. Registration is free and will be held in May.