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With fall arriving and 2018 following close behind, it is time once again to begin our stewardship season.  We are pleased to launch the 2018 Stewardship Campaign, and are inviting you to consider making a meaningful financial commitment to the work of our congregation.

The trustees have carefully crafted a budget for 2018 and they are projecting expenses for the year totaling just over $291,000.  This budget marks a 3% increase from 2017 which allows for cost of living salary increases for our staff and a very modest amount of program growth.  In previous years, 91% of these annual expenses have been supported by pledges from our church family.  This percentage remains the same for 2018.  It is through the financial pledges of our congregation that we are able to support the programming, music, physical space and the people that make our church a spiritual and caring community. Click for a detailed view of our budget.

Members of the Board of Trustees and Stewardship Committee have regularly been asked during the annual stewardship drive, “How much should I give?”  While this question is deeply personal and specific to each family, we wanted to share a bit of context from last year.  If pledges were broken down evenly over a 52 week period, this would be a snapshot from the 149 pledges we received in 2015:

  • 46 pledges of $10 and under per week
  • 28 pledges between $11-$20 per week
  • 30 pledges between $21-$30 per week
  • 15 pledges between $31-$40 per week
  • 7 pledges between $41-$50 per week
  • 17 pledges between $51-$100 per week
  • 6 pledges of more than $100 per week

We hope that as you plan your pledge for 2018, you might reflect on the opportunity to Shed a Little Light!  If you do not currently pledge, perhaps you might make this year your first.  If you have a current pledge, maybe you will consider increasing your support this year.  If all of our current pledges are renewed with a 3% increase, we will meet the 2018 budget!  Pledges can be made in the church office, by phone (624-3120) or by emailing  We will be sending you a personal invitation to support this effort, either by phone or email in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you for your generosity and involvement.